University Dental Associates believe in the importance of regular preventive dental health care.

The responsibility of scheduling this treatment lies with you, the patient, but we will encourage you to schedule your next preventive appointment at the end of your present one. Making appointments several months in the future can be difficult, but we will give you several reminders to help you plan properly for these appointments. Of course, treatment for pain, swelling or fractured teeth will be scheduled at any age, whenever the problem occurs.

We strongly advise that children have their first dental check-up at 3 years of age for routine cleaning, fluoride and preventive treatment. If your child is due for his/her first trip to the dentist, please feel free to ask any of our staff members for suggestions to make the initial visit a positive experience.

X-rays are necessary at least once a year for adults and every six months for children to detect bone loss and tooth decay. Without this important X-ray information, a complete or competent evaluation is not possible.

Our Mission

•To provide our patients with the highest quality dental service at a fair price.
•To offer everyone the option to retain their natural teeth throughout their lifetime.
•To continuously improve our dental care delivery through new concepts, technology and techniques.
•To deliver this dental service in a professional, personalized, caring, positive and respectful environment.

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